You don't have to travel to Africa, India, or a big city zoo to see some of the rarest animals on the face of the earth. Since 1969 the MAMMOTH CAVE WILDLIFE MUSEUM has featured some of the greatest animals ever. The museum has nearly 14,000 square feet of exhibit area containing rare and exotic animals such as tigers, lions, bears, leopards (including the Snow Leopard - one of the rarest cats in the world), deer, sheep, ox, and much more. But the museum doesn't stop at the big animals; we also have a huge selection of marine life, insects, birds, and many more creatures.

As you stroll through the exhibit you will see the animals in their natural environment. We have taken great effort to make the museum as natural as possible. This exhibit is not just the best in the area, it is by far the best in the whole Southeast. Kids love our museum because they can get much closer to the animals than they could in a zoo. Bring your camera and take some memories home!

Mammoth Cave Wildlife Museum hosts group tours at special rates. Call (270) 773-2255 to arrange a special fun and educational tour for your school group, scout troop, club or organization. Whether school age or golden age, you'll have a great time at Mammoth Cave Wildlife Museum!

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Mammoth Cave Wildlife Museum
I-65 at Exit 53 - Cave City
(270) 773-2255

We offer special group rates!